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  • bullet Easy and effortless access  :- We at NRIpanindia.com aim at reducing time and effort in providing PAN card, our website is built with the main focus of being user friendly and as simple as possible.
  • bullet Fast And Multi-Purpose  :- Acting in a Multi-Purpose fashion NRIpanindia.com helps you to get a new PAN card, Apply for lost PAN card, Modify Existing data on your PAN card, and also to track the status of your PAN card.
  • bullet 2-Step procedure   :- Hassle free and simplest at NRIpanindia.com you just need to fill the form, attach valid documents & photograph, sign where ever applicable and forward it to us. We will take care of the remaining procedure.
  • bullet Safe and secure payment  :- We at NRIpanindia.com consider your privacy as our top priority. Our online mode of payment is Paypal thus ensuring no fraud or threats to your personal data. We do not incur any hidden cost.
About Apply PANIndia
NRIpanindia.com- A step initiated to help all NRIs/PIOs/foriegn nationals to get PAN card. India being a big investment sector, for investment in deposits, shares, equities requires PAN card. Step initiated by Parsh Tax Solutions LLP, a Limited Liability Partnership registered under LL Act,2008.
What is PAN Card?
Issued by Income Tax Department of India, PAN is a unique ten digit alphanumeric number given to the individual who applies for it. PAN links all the various tax payment documents.
Why Mandatory?
It is now a valid ID proof accepted everywhere across nation for all financial transactions, bank account opening, etc as well as for other identity purpose such as a valid iD proof while travelling.
Myths about PAN Card
It is just a Tax number issued by Government of India. It is not mandatory to hold a PAN card & file your income tax return.
Getting PAN Card is one time process
It is a one time process, can be updated or re-issued in case of lost or any changes to existing details..
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