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  • bullet What is PAN?
    PAN is an abbreviation for Permanent Account Number. It is 10 (Ten) digit alphanumeric number allotted by the Government of India and commonly known as Income tax number.
  • bullet How does a PAN card look like?
    PAN card is a pocket size laminated card, printed by the Government of India.
  • bullet What are the details printed on PAN card?
    Individual PAN card has: Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, PAN of the Individual. It also contains Photo and Signature of the individual. Company or Business PAN card has: Name of the company, Date of Incorporation and PAN allotted to the company.
  • bullet What is the need of PAN card if an individual is not a resident of India?
    Now, PAN card is mandatory for every individual who has Bank Accounts, Deposits or any property in India. PAN card is also mandatory for all financial transaction in India.
  • bullet What is the process to get PAN card in India?
    The process is getting complicated every day in India. To get hassle free PAN card, you need to fill online application form and send to us along with documents.
  • bullet Can we track progress of application, once it is submitted to the Government of India?
    Yes, you can track the progress of application with the help of acknowledgment number provided to you after submission of PAN application.
  • bullet How can we track progress of application, once it is submitted to the Government of India?
    It can be done with the help of acknowledgement/coupon number provided at the time of submission of the PAN application.
  • bullet Can I get PAN card delivered to my foreign address?
    Yes, Government of India will directly send PAN card to your address.
  • bullet How long will it take in issuing the PAN?
    We cannot guarantee time frame as this is purely a Government process. Generally, it takes 20-25 days.
  • bullet Can I get my PAN card number before my physical card is delivered?
    Yes, PAN card number will be allotted to you in 5-7 working days after submission of PAN application to the government of India.
  • bullet Is there any Private agency who can process my PAN application and print the Card?
    No, this is purely a Government Process and only Government of India can Print PAN card.
  • bullet What are the details that required to be filled in PAN application form?
    You have to provide very Basic details like name, address, contact details etc. It may not take more than 5 minutes for you to fill PAN application form.
  • bullet What are Documents required to be attached with application Form?
    For individuals, copy of Passport is mandatory. Click here for Details. For Companies, certificate of Incorporation/ Registration is mandatory.
  • bullet Do I need to get my documents notarized/ attested by Indian embassy?
    Not in every case, e.g: It is mandatory for the foreign companies to get their documents attested by Indian embassy/ apostille.
  • bullet How much do you charge for Service?
    For Individuals USD 50/-; Foreign companies may write us at info@applypanindia.com to get our quote. .
  • bullet Do I need to pay to the Government of India Separately?
    No, government fees are included in our service charges. You do not have to pay it separately.We will take care of this.
  • bullet How can I make payment for service charges?
    It can be done via PayPal, credit or Debit card.
  • bullet Do I need to pay annual charges for PAN card?
    No, this is one time fee.
  • bullet Can I claim Income tax refund, if I have PAN card?
    Yes, you can file taxes in India and claim Income Tax Refunds. You can file Income Tax Return only if you have PAN card.
  • bullet Do you provide Income tax services for NRIs, foreign Nationals and foreign companies?
    Yes, we do assist NRIs, foreign nationals and Foreign Companies with their tax matters in India.
  • bullet How much tax will be withheld in India, if foreign company does not have PAN in India?
    Taxes will be deducted at highest Rate, if foreign company incorporated outside India do not have PAN.
  • bullet Is the processing of PAN card for Foreign companies more complicated?
    We are here to make every step simple and convenient for you.
  • bullet Can anyone hold more than 1 PAN?
    Penalty will be levied upon you, if you hold more than 1 PAN card.
  • bullet What if I hold two PAN card with same number?
    You can surrender old one to the Government of India.

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